Seedship: A submission to the 9th Brackeys GameJam

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Together with my friend I participated in Brackeys 9th GameJam. It was a ton of fun! He was employed and I was writing my thesis during the day and in the evening we would both code. The game was inspired by the original game Seedship, which is about an AI steering a ship of sleeping colonists to a new planet for humanity. Your duty is to choose the right planet with suitable conditions for a new beginning of humanity. The premise is the same in our game, just a bit more focus on simulating orbits/gravity and allowing the player to have more control on avoiding asteroids.

We were able to finish the game just in time and submitting the last version 1 minute before th deadline. The most important thing I learned and the reason I wanted to participate in the first place is to learn to not always bring things to perfection. Just focus on what is important and finish the project. It wasn’t easy at first, but in the end it felt quite liberating and more effective. Defintely worth keeping this in mind as an approach to life.

We used libGDX in combination with Kotlin. While the framework made some things incredibly easy, it would still however to use something like a game engine so that the GUI wouldn’t have to be coded and values can be adjusted faster. So next time we might use the Godot engine instead.