A Civ Game that was once supposed to be

This was supposed to be a civ game, which is about production management like in factorio on a broader level. I always liked looking at production chains and have some childhood pictures that inspired me. Although the project is dead now, the Idea is not. I might go back to something like this one day.
Started in the beginning of September 2018 and stopped working on it probably at the end of January 2019 (based on video updates i made).
Back then I was excited that I am able to keep working on a project (alone) for so long. I used OpenGL for my Graphics Engine and SDL2 for Window handling. Everything was written in C++. I spend a lot of time on performance, even though it was not the issue. I was looking into the future too much. Even though I planned a lot, I probably did not do so enough, because I didn’t realize the amount of the effort I was dealing with.