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At OroraTech I was working on an orbit-simulation that was to be used for testing purposes. The goal was to create satellite imagery and testing how the present wildfire detection algorithms would perform on images from different sensor configurations.

This project has gotten it's last commit 2 years prior. A colleague has written a raytracer and set most of the systems in place. The reason we use a raytracer instead of a rasterizer was that we were able to mimic more physical effects.
Me and another colleague picked it up again. I was mainly responsible for the features (such as sun glint and texturing). In the .gif below one can see a 10° inclined orbit.


In SLM-Processes the melting of the pores creates spatter. This material which should have been melted into the rest of the object is then missing and a pore may be left behind. Thus the reduction of such particles is desired.

The amount of particles depends on the process parameters such as scan speed and laser power. To determine which parameters produce less spatter one needs to quantify them. This is a difficult task due to many factors influencing the ability to track spatter. They can be of all kinds of brightness, background noise, speed can create trails and smoke plumes that glow so bright that it lights up the surroundings.

My work was to quantify these spatter using video material captured using a high speed camera that my colleagues collected for me. For that purpose I built a particle detector in python with opencv and a custom object tracker in rust. Here is a small sample:

Since the correct object detection is very difficult in itself, this process might be conducted by a trained algorithm in the future.

Unity Asset Store Crawler

There is always questions regarding the statistics of the Unity Asset Store from publishers. Unity does not provide any.
I started to parse whatever data is available and the next step would be to answer some publishers questions. Some will only be possible to be answered using estimates.
Ideally this is going to become a kind of service with a subscription model for additional data.

This is what I have for now:

Another attempt at a Civ game

A browser game where one would eventually grow a civilization by building structures strategically on the map. Forests can expand and villages (red tiles) grow and are build like cellular-automata.
The next step would be to allow players to control the villages.
In the last one I still had to make the graphics library & game engine. This time I was able to the graphics library available in the browser.
I used deno for my backend and as such JavaScript is the language. There is a problem though. I really don't like that I have to use JavaScript floats for indexing. I see myself suffering in the future with such a system. I wanted to use a Rust Backend & WASM on the client so I can share part of the codebase (like serialization and deserialization) with the client, but getting WASM to run was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I don't know when I will pick this up again

First homemade RC plane

I have designed many planes before that I never finished. This one I did finish however. Its span is about 175cm (my height) and weighs about 400g with everything inside. But I am not a good pilot, so lets see how it goes...

Autonomous pressure powered airsoft turret

Planning and building took 3 weeks. Turned out almost as good as I expected. Here is a video on Youtube!

3D Printer finished

Started back in school. Stopped for 4 years. Finished in about 2 weeks with many upgrades. So much changed in the industry.
It prints. Not perfect, still finding its quirks and calibration parameters; but it does what I built it for: printing stuff, that would be too much of a hassle to build by hand.

It's a few years ago, but back then I had no proper VR Cable Management System. I saw everyone using retractable pulleys that would pull in a rope that holds the wire up. I thought that pulling the entire cable away would be better, because it couldn't be in the way. So I made a big retractable pulley that was supposed to reel in the entire cable. It didn't work because it was too heavy and there was too much friction. It's now replaced by a far (stupidly) more simple and robust design. I used the laser cutter at my university for this.

This is what made for a christian teacher on graduation. I had glued some stones onto it as far as I can remember, but no photos unfortunately. I made a shape out of wax and covered it with gypsum. Instead of melting the wax, back then I broke it out and thus loosing a lot of detail that I had to rework. Then i poured tin into the mold creating that christian cross. I was always questioning his belief, so he said that upon graduation he would give me a big wooden cross as a joke. I took it more serious than he did.

This is an Arduino Powered Controller that I made for my first RC balsa wood Gilder. I modified the plane in such a way that it would allow me to control Ailerons and Elevator. Unfortunately there are no pictures of it, because balsa is so fragile that it broke just from accelerating. I found it hard to get rid of them without keeping something of it in memory as I spent a lot of time working on it. A last photo will do before I will disassemble it for parts.

A Civ Game that was once supposed to be

This was supposed to be a civ game, which is about production management like in factorio on a broader level. I always liked looking at production chains and have some childhood pictures that inspired me. Although the project is dead now, the Idea is not. I might go back to something like this one day.
Started in the beginning of September 2018 and stopped working on it probably at the end of January 2019 (based on video updates i made).
Back then I was excited that I am able to keep working on a project (alone) for so long. I used OpenGL for my Graphics Engine and SDL2 for Window handling. Everything was written in C++. I spend a lot of time on performance, even though it was not the issue. I was looking into the future too much. Even though I planned a lot, I probably did not do so enough, because I didn't realize the amount of the effort I was dealing with.

Evolving Neural Network Ecosystem on public server

I have been interested in making an evolution simulator for a long time, but never got around it and I didn't have an idea of what I can implement that is surprising to look at. Also I have been interested in AI for a while and after my internship at Fraunhofer I really wanted to try it out. After seeing a video on youtube I decided to give that system a go, but on a server which is publicly accessible through a website:
Beware, that that page might be buggy or laggy as its still in development.
The Website is called that way, because it was originally intended for a Minecraft Server under development by a friend of mine and myself ;) This is the result)

Here are some creations from my old Gallery. Most of them were made when I was in school.

Second Game Weapon Radiant Deity Ahri League of Legends Colored Science Fiction Gun LowPoly A Low and High Poly Comparison of an Ogre Ohmu Shell Nausicaa GRASBOCK Logo Grey Ledge Manor Skyrim Eagle Eyeball Audi TT Abstract Audi TT Canyon Hexagon Landscape Audi R8 Turv Meadow Energy Saving Bolean Spheres Pink Water Monkeyhead

Old Website

This is how my old website before the rework looked like.

Yes, some might find it more appealing, but it was not easy to maintain and very restricted as to what i was able to actually post. It also had a very boring and long introduction.

Reworked Website!

After many Years I did the effort to change my website to a blogbased design. Took me about two days to implement all this... I will probably improve upon the design, but its fine for now.

The last update my Website had was on the 15th of February in 2015