A Civ Game that was once supposed to be

This was supposed to be a civ game, which is about production management like in factorio on a broader level. I always liked looking at production chains and have some childhood pictures that inspired me. Although the project is dead now, the Idea is not. I might go back to something like this one day.
Started in the beginning of September 2018 and stopped working on it probably at the end of January 2019 (based on video updates i made).
Back then I was excited that I am able to keep working on a project (alone) for so long. I used OpenGL for my Graphics Engine and SDL2 for Window handling. Everything was written in C++. I spend a lot of time on performance, even though it was not the issue. I was looking into the future too much. Even though I planned a lot, I probably did not do so enough, because I didn't realize the amount of the effort I was dealing with.

Evolving Neural Network Ecosystem on public server

I have been interested in making an evolution simulator for a long time, but never got around it and I didn't have an idea of what I can implement that is surprising to look at. Also I have been interested in AI for a while and after my internship at Fraunhofer I really wanted to try it out. After seeing a video on youtube I decided to give that system a go, but on a server which is publicly accessible through a website: oldschoolhungergames.de
Beware, that that page might be buggy or laggy as its still in development.
The Website is called that way, because it was originally intended for a Minecraft Server under development by a friend of mine and myself ;) This is the result)

Here are some creations from my old Gallery. Most of them were made when I was in school.

Second Game Weapon Radiant Deity Ahri League of Legends Colored Science Fiction Gun LowPoly A Low and High Poly Comparison of an Ogre Ohmu Shell Nausicaa GRASBOCK Logo Grey Ledge Manor Skyrim Eagle Eyeball Audi TT Abstract Audi TT Canyon Hexagon Landscape Audi R8 Turv Meadow Energy Saving Bolean Spheres Pink Water Monkeyhead

Old Website

This is how my old website before the rework looked like.

Yes, some might find it more appealing, but it was not easy to maintain and very restricted as to what i was able to actually post. It also had a very boring and long introduction.

Reworked Website!

After many Years I did the effort to change my website to a blogbased design. Took me about two days to implement all this... I will probably improve upon the design, but its fine for now.

The last update my Website had was on the 15th of February in 2015